About Us

The Tekspart Company that sells spare parts and industrial oil for textile machines ,continues to grow steadily in the textile sector by adding Flat Machines and Collar Machines to its product range .

Tekspart has gained its rightful place in textile sector and industrial oil sector by its founding partners and staff who have had experience in both the domestic and overseas market for many years.

The company is the distributor of the Korean Brand/TOKYO knitting machine needles and sinkers,Brazilian Brand/SCHICK BIN sinkers Chinese Brand/LONG XING flat-knitting machines, Taiwanese Brand/FLYING HORSE flat,collar machines,Korean Brand / PYUNG HWA TECH socks machine cylinder,Turkish Brand/PROMAR textile machine oil between Turkey-Uzbekistan.

”For Better Results Better Solutions”


A company that develops high-quality customer-specific products and solutions.

• The needs and expectations of the sector to identify and respond to fast and accurate solutions.

• The customer see as a business partner and co-solutions.

• Corporate values by adopting a powerful, reliable, their country is a company that aims to build a company that useful.

• Customer-focused company.

• Employees of a company wıth strong and open to innovation

• Providers will accept as a partner company

• Each time a company can be reached and open to communication.